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Once your site is designed, you need a place to host it. We offer a variety of website hosting options to meet your needs. Think of hosting as the garage you park your car in. When you have a nice beautiful car, you want to protect it and make sure it stays looking good. The bigger the car, the bigger the garage you need. Website hosting is the same way. The bigger your site, the more storage space needed. Our hosting packages are designed with that in mind. We use only the best servers with the best connections to make sure your site is up and running, the pages load quickly, and you have less to worry about.

Our website hosting packages start at $19.99 a month. Our Network is fully switched with top quality components from Cisco systems. The entire N.O.C is wired with 100mbps Cat5 wiring. (Each connection is nearly 30 times faster than a T1.) E-mail is delivered in seconds, web pages load quickly, and file transfers are fast...

The operation center is fully equipped with battery backup from APC and a 250kw gas powered generator for extended outages.

Live monitoring of your server and a 99.9% Guaranteed Network Uptime.

For more information, or to set up a hosting package, please contact us today.


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